History of Company

Camerawala  is a limited agency privately owned, supplying surveillance cameras (CCTV) and DVRs’. A market leader in the industry, our products are quite competitive and consist of the ultra-modern technology. We have been identified in India. Our firm has an experience in the market for more than a year and we are engaged in Major and Minor projects in all over India


To Provide Services to customer at reasonable price and best quality all over India


We want to be a unbeatable Firm in the field of Surveillance Sector

Our Speciality

Market Strategy

Our Market Strategy is oriented towards offering best products and customer satisfaction for a win-win collaboration. We furnish services in broad scale all through India. We are dedicated to enhancing and growing our market share in India, via new market penetration. We have a number of promotions, and usually are looking for to enlarge our customer satisfaction through our services.

Service System

The Camerawala Customer Service team is comprised excellent personnel individuals who are committed to excellence. They are professionals and highly skilled in offering services and providing customized and expert options to any enquiry concerning products and different associated problems involving the surveillance device and security. Our goal is to meet the desires and expectations for each of our clients. We therefore guarantee excellent provider with responsibility. Choose Camerawala for your commercial enterprise or to accommodate your lifestyle!